There are several variations on how we spell our last name, but one thing remains true regardless how we spell our last name, we are all Irish.  The ancient spelling was Ó Fallaṁhain and Ó Fallaṁain.  From that name, depending on where in Ireland the family came from, and where they migrated to, the spelling of the last name changed significantly.  

In keeping with the Irish heritage, many kept the Ó, but appended it to the name without the space so you had OFallen, OFallin and OFallon.  As families migrated west to the United States, some families thought to drop the Ó from the last name to hide their Irish ancestry and the last name was shorten further to Fallen, Fallin and Fallon.  There are several variations to those as well, and not all of these variations originated in the same area (i.e.: Ireland, United Kingdom, Europe) as well.  If you are looking for a single, first person in the family ancestry, the trail gets very thin before you ever get to that point.

With your help, I hope to list each variation and hopefully, location and add a little bit of history about each.

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